Nos Liberaremos | Mexican Independence

by Christian Barraza | History

Mexico gained independence from Spain on September 28th, 1821. However, we do not only celebrate the end result. Something happened on September 16th, 1810 that would change the course of Mexican history. An image of hope, strength, resilience and courage was shown.

 On the morning of September 16, 1810 there was a battle cry that rattled Mexico. Miguel Hidalgo is known as, "The Father of Independence" because on that early morning he gave the speech now known as, "El Grito de Dolores." The church bells rang letting his parishioners know that the time to fight was now.

 Hidalgo, along with the help of others then began their fight leading all the way to the edge of Mexico City itself. His army was not one you expected to cause much damage but proved itself worthy until the battle Calderon Bridge. He decided to flee north but was captured and executed by firing squad in Chihuahua.

Although Hidalgo died that day, he proved to be a symbolic fuel for the next decade of war. By this time, Spain had been in power for roughly 300 years so the rebellion was a mix of native blood and Spanish blood. The fight finally ended (for the time being) with the "Treaty of Cordoba" in 1821.

 It is said that in his beloved speech he asked those who listened, "Se Liberaran?" In English this means, "Will you free yourselves?" and is our main focus for this drop. "Nos Liberaremos" translated to English is "we will free ourselves." Our aim is always to learn and empower ourselves along with our supporters! Unidos Crecemos!

Artwork: Abel Delgado

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