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Empodera | Elvia Carillo Puerto | Drop 2

In 1912, Elvia created the first resistance league for women in Motul, Mexico. She helped lead the fight against sexism and changed Mexican History for all women! Within the next 7 years, Elvia traveled the countryside to organize campesina women and to launch campaigns for literacy and birth control. In 1925, Elvia ran for Federal Deputy in San Louis Potosi where she was shot at 8 times during her campaign. In a time where women were not even considered citizens, Elvia and many others took it upon themselves to stand up and fight for what they felt was right.

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Nos Liberaremos | Mexican Independence

 On the morning of September 16, 1810 there was a battle cry that rattled Mexico. Miguel Hidalgo is known as, "The Father of Independence" because on that early morning he gave the speech now known as, "El Grito de Dolores." The church bells rang letting his parishioners know that the time to fight was now.

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Tierra y Libertad | Emiliano Zapata | Drop One

In 1909, (when Emiliano was 30 years old) he was summoned back to his village of birth where he was elected as the village's council board president. In 1910, Emiliano made a quiet alliance with Francisco Madero who had just lost the election to the then president Porfirio Diaz. It is said that Zapata was not fond of Madero but agreed to help in exchange for land reform which was Emiliano's core mission.

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